Support bra i cheer


Benefits of the support bra I CHEER

  1. Our product has 3 front hooks for a comfortable adjustment. When you wear it, you do not have to raise your arms. It is excellent compactness, and can be worn all day, every day.
  2. Adjustable shoulder straps are convenient to put on and help you do not clutter your breast.
  3. Help support under the silicone base, do not press on the wound, and have flexibility according to medical standards.
  4. Lightweight fabric, comfortable, and breathable.
  5. Can be worn while sleeping.
  6. Suitable for breasts of all sizes, you must have this item to take care of your beautiful breasts.
  7. It boosts the circulatory system better after surgery.
  8. Help reduce swelling after surgery, reduce bruising.
  9. It supports the breasts to shape faster, faster return to normal daily activities.